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 5upr3m3k1ng:'s test results

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! Duelist !

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PostSubject: 5upr3m3k1ng:'s test results   Sat Apr 18, 2015 6:41 pm


Match Results: 3/15 points
- (Tester) ! Duelist ! vs. (Testee) 5upr3m3k1ng: 0/15 +3
I won 2-0 with hard-to-beat decks, but he had good game 2, getting me down to 2700 lp, so +3 bonus points.
G1 Blackwings vs Ghostrick
G2 Dragunities vs Performal


Match Deck Construction: 29/35

- Number of Cards: 5/5
40 cards. Nothing to say here.

- Consistency: 11/15
Your ghostricks were pretty consistent; performing good even with 3 cards, but your preformal pendulums weren't at all. Once you summoned everything, you had nothing left.

- Originality: 8/10
Seen ghostricks before, but not performals.

- Siding: 5/5
Good switch, so I'm giving you the points.


Match Performance 29/30 (-10 each because siding N/A)

-Rulings 10/10
Didn't do anything wrong.

-Focus 4/5
When you activated bottomless on my Windrose, you forgot spells/traps are still destroyed.

-Use of cards 10/10
Used the full extent of the cards.

-Siding N/A

-Attitude 5/5
Good attitude. Nothing to say here.

-General knowledge and ruling score: 8/10
You missed the hard one, but you learned from it, so it's a good thing because you're here to learn, so don't worry about it Smile.


Overall Total: 69/90 ---> 77/100
0 - 59: Kazejin Dorm
60 - 84: Suijin Dorm
85 - 100: Sanga Dorm
88 - 88: Administrators*

You have been placed in Suijin! You did fine overall, but there is still room for improvement. With a little bit of dedication along with the desire to improve, you can reach Sanga in no time. I look forward to see you get better! Smile

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5upr3m3k1ng:'s test results
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