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 Guide: Crystal Beasts

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PostSubject: Guide: Crystal Beasts   Guide: Crystal Beasts I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 02, 2013 2:04 pm

Guide: Crystal Beasts 2q0j85t
What the deck does:
Crystal Beasts are an archtype that focuses mainly on putting their monsters into their spell zone, yes you heard that right, the spell zone (this is what I will be calling the spell and trap zone, your backrow) , you see, ever crystal beast monster has a unique effect, whenever they're destroyed, instead of sending them to the graveyard, you can put them in the spell zone instead.

random duelist 1: How does this help the deck? you can't use reborn now D:

Well my friend, what if I tell you crystal beasts don't need reborn, because they focus on having crystal beasts in their spell zone.

random duelist 2: Oh?? explain more please.

Well my friend, the archtype has many cards that utilize the backrow crystal beasts, and use them to swarm, controll, or save yourself in situations that you may lose. Here's some example of staples in a crystal beast deck that utilize the backrow.

Rare Value :

ditch some Crystals in your spell zone you don't need, draw 2 cards to get some playable cards into your hand, not a bad effect, good card. run at 2 I'd say.
Crystal Promise:

Very nice card in the crystal beast deck, works with cards like ruby carbuncle and sapphire pegasus (we'll get to them later.) to create a lot of advantage, swarm the field, and then you have choice to go for game, or xyz and controll the game from then on. Run at 2.

Crystal beacon:

Pretty obvious why this card is a staple, with 2 crystal beasts in your spell zone (very easy to do) You can search ANY Crystal Beast from your deck, with Sapphire pegasus and ruby carbuncle, this card creates a lot of advantage for you, and can be used to swarm/controll with xyz with the right field. run at 3 ALWAYS.

Crystal abundance:


pretty obvious why this card is here, this card can plus like mad, and can pretty much be your otk. use it along with sapphire pagasus and even the turn after if you don't otk, you can swarm more. Know what makes this thing so broken in CB with the right hand, it can't be stopped by cards like
stardust dragon
starlight road
shooting star dragon
Why you ask? well because it's in the text, abundance doesn't destroy, it sends to the grave, so basically it's a big middle finger to cards like stardust. Example of what it can do.
You: 4 crystal beasts in your spell zone, abundance in hand.
your opponent: stardust dragon face up, starlight road face down, 3 other random cards.

you play abundance, send your Crystals to the grave, every card gets SENT TO THE GRAVE, your opponent can't do shit with their starlight or stardust, and now you can summon up to 5 crystal beasts from your grave. PLUS PARADISE, Run at 1-2, it can be a dead draw remember.

Now last but not least for the cards that utilize the effect of the crystal beasts:
Ancient city - Rainbow ruins.

Before you say "Oh crystal beast focus on field spells, well guess they don't work since most field spell reliant decks don't work much or can be sided against easily." wrong you nabs, crystal beasts don't need ruins, ruins is just a great card to be in the deck. Even if Crystals did need it, read the first effect, it can't be destroyed by card effects, so it's not a usual field spell that can easily be sided against with MST's and dust tornados. Here's a analysis on the effect.
1st effect: this mean you're safe from your opponent using MST and things like that to destroy it. Meaning they will have to waste a lot of resources to destroy it.
2nd effect: This can be a game saver in the later stages of the game, and can stop you taking a lot of damage, saving you and also meaning you don't have to worry about " if this attack goes my warning is dead".
3rd effect: Who doesn't like to screw over that monster reborn or dark hole or mirror force , etc.
4th effect: we'll it's a plus with no cost, just a requirement that's pretty easy to get ._. use this along with abundance :3.
5th effect: use along with ruby carbuncle and get instant plus, use the 4th effect first tho >_> , or you can use to to make abundance alive. Run at 3.

Now that's the cards that utilize the backrow, i'm gonna go onto the main stars of the deck, crystal beast monsters !!!!.

The Crystal Beasts :

Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus:

the main searcher of crystal beasts, it might not add to the hand like goblin zombie, or special summon like dragonfly, but remember, crystal beasts want those cards in their backrow. This cards thins and speeds up the deck, with not bad stats for another fact, 1800 attack isn't that bad. It's definatly the most powerfull. By the way, read it's effect, it doesn't just grab CB's from the deck, it grabs them from ANYWHERE except the banished zone. Staple at 3

Crystal beast ruby carbuncle:

-jaw drop- so... much.. plusses...
this card bascially creates a lot of advantage when used with crystal promise, crystal beacon, or the 4th effect of rainbow ruins. And what after? xyz spam for game, xyz spam for controll, what ever makes you happy. staple, run at 2-3. your choice. I prefer 2 since you don't really want to draw it.

Crystal beast topaz tiger:

good ol' beat stick, no it doesn't create advantage, but it's still a staple, trust me, you want something to get over those alius, or rai-oh, note it's not like rush rhino, it only gains the boost when attacking a monster. run at 2-3.

Crystal beast amber mammoth:

again, no advantage gained but i guess if you want to save your other CB for something, whatever it is you can. It's just really a staple because it is. lol. run 1-2.
Crystal beast amethyst cat:

Eh... medicore effect, stats arn't that good, won't stick around too long, it's basically just spell zone meat. run 0, or 1 in rainbow dragon fun builds.
Crystal beast cobalt eagle:

same as above, run 0, or 1 in fun rainbow dragon builds.
Crystal beast emerald tortoise:

Just a high def wall, not really usefull at all. run 0, or 1 in rainbow dragon builds.

Here's some cards that will help your deck with speed or just generally help it :
Support cards:

Crystal release:

Cool card, creates a beat stick with pegasus, tiger or mammoth, and when it's sent to the grave you can search out your carbuncle for plays with promise etc. good card, run 2 i'd say.
Crystal blessing

what's the worst enemy of crystal beasts??? HEAVY FREAKING STORM.... that card is seriously annoying for any Crystal Beast user, it slows you down a ton. But blessing helps with speeding you back up, you can instantly grab back those heavy stormed crystal beasts and say "f-ck you" to your opponent with your middle finger raised.
Crystal Tree:

Pretty neat card first turn, combos great with crystal beast pegausus. But dead draw late game. run 0-1. You don't want to draw it late game trust me.

Dragon Queen Of Tragic Ending

easy summoning in the crystal beast deck, decent stats, and look at that effect <3 plus if you can get in some battle damage lol. Oh and self reviving, gotta love that :3. i'd use at 2.
Summoner monk

Ditch those dead abundances or cards like that, to grab a pegasus to go for some spell plays. or grab tiger, run over those beat sticks, or go xyz. Run 1-2.
Hamon lord of striking thunder

Big stats, ok effect.. kinda, does big damage, saves your other cb's from getting destroyed without you wanting them destroyed. Though, i don't like how it needs to be summoned, unless my spell zone is full and I need to play my spell cards... tbh i don't like it much then. Run 0-1. your choice.
rainbow dragon

err.... this card is a beat stick with weird effects, and it very hard to summon. Not worth it imo.
run 0, or 2-3 in rainbow dragon builds.

Destiny hero diamond dude

hehe... this card.. works so good. Why you ask? diamond dude effect means you don't have to pay costs... what card has a cost ... crystal abundance Very Happy that means troll time if you mill it Very Happy if not you can also mill rare value ( you will still lose a Crystal beast) or promise, or beacon (still needs 2 crystal beasts), or blessing, or promise, or pot of duality ( you can special summon in the same turn :3). So it's a nice card to run. Run 2.

horn of the phantom beast

Equip to tiger, pegasus or mammoth. Plusses can be made, and it can be activated in the damage step, so it can be safe from MST or things like it for one use. also who doesn't like high attack beatsticks that let you draw? run 2.
XYZ cards:
pretty much Crystal Beasts can go for xyz spam, utopia, zenmaines, laviathan, maestroke , etc. Use this to your advantage. I'm not gonna give you a list of xyz cards, you should know those staples already.

Different Variants of decks:
Rainbow dragon crystal beasts: This is the fun deck, it uses the 7 crystal beasts to summon out rainbow dragon, it's a hard but possible feat, but it's not competitive because of it's inconsistancy. The only other additions to this deck would be :
Rainbow Gravity-
Rainbow Path-
Here's a look at how the deck would look ( extra and side not included)

as you can see, not looking very consistant. New deck time

XYZ crystal beasts:
This deck focuses on spam and xyz, using pegasus, caruncle, and rainbow ruins to swarm the field and win with XYZ. it's one of the most competitive crystal beast decks, here's how it would look:

No real new adds. New deck time.

Advanced dark crystal beasts:

The newest crystal beast deck, it utilizes the field spell Advanced Dark to use cards like
Rainbow Dark Dragon-
Easy to summon tbh in this deck, and you can use it for otk's with clear fields. Better than it's brother the rainbow dragon, in this deck atleast. run 1 if you want to, your choice.
Dark Armed Dragon:
there's a reason this guy's limited, it's easy to summon in this deck and boy... he's the daddy. Run at 1.
Malefic Stardust and Cyber end dragon-
good cards since they're easy to summon with your advanced dark, and malefic startdust will protect advanced dark which this deck actually does need.
run 2 stardust, 1 malefic cyber end.
The dark creator-
Good card, since it's easy to summon in the deck. And can recycle your pegasus for big plays. run 1.

it's a new but nice deck in the Crystal beast archtype, I'd suggest testing it out to see if you like it.
Here's how it looks -

Your worst enemies:

you may be asking yourself " crystal beasts seem cool, why arn't they a higher tier??" well that's because it has a lot of enemies that see play in top tier decks....

Skill drain -
Sadly because of konami's rulings, crystal beasts activate on the field, which mean well skill drain is face up, they can't use their effect to send themselves to the spell zone, which means gg unless you get rid of it quickly.

Bottomless trap hole-

again, thanks to konami, BTH removing and destroying activates the destruction and the removal from play occur simultaneously, this mean you can't save your crystal beast Sad.

Cards that take crystal beasts away from your field-
Like mind controll or things like it, because if it's destroyed well you don't controll it, your opponent choose if it goes in THEIR spell zone, or goes to the grave.

Book of moon-

before you say " bakura's on crack, lets leave" here's something you need to think about, crystal beasts can't use their effect to put themselves in the spell zone if they're destroyed face down " F-CK YOU KONAMI" which means, book of moon can screw you good.

heavy storm-
.... I'm not even gonna say why... i'm just gonna say it's a big "f-ck you"....

Mystical Space Typhoon-
You don't want to be losing that carbuncle, pegasus, tiger, or any cards from your spell zone really. So MST is a dick.

Dust Tornado-
same as MST.

Cards that return to the hand or deck-
Compulsory evactuation device, Pheonix wing wind blast, etc.
you want them in your spell zone remember, not in your freaking hand or deck _._

that's about it.
anyway, here's the rulings, you need to know these to play the deck properly:
please take your time to read.

Here's my last section, the main combo's of the crystal beast deck:


Combo one: Pegasus in a tree.
Play Crystal tree, play pegasus, search out the crystal beast (carbuncle usually), 1 counter on tree, do what you want, if pegasus gets destroyed, you have 2 counters on tree, play tree effect, search out tiger and another pegasus usually, now you've opened up abundance, beacon, value, ancient city up to effect 4, promise for ruby and spam, all this with just 2 cards.

Combo 2: ruby has a promise to pegasus.
Summon pegasus, search ruby, play promise, spam if you have other CB's in your zone. Simple combo but effective.

Combo 3: Summoner horse.
Play monk, ditch a dead spell (abundance or something ) grab pegasus, search a CB, xyz. Or even use the promise combo above.

Combo 4: A beacons blessing.
well it's obvious, blessing into beacon, search dat pegasus, good play that's easy to get tbh xD Heck you can even get carbuncle then xyz with those cards you took with blessing.
Combo 5: A ruins last hope
this is a easy combo to set up with the right play, just get 5 crystal beasts in your spell zone ( use the pegasus in a tree play), play ruins, draw 1 with 4th effect, special summon carbuncle with 5th, or even special summon a mammoth or tiger with 5th, play abundance.
these are all pretty common combos that can be used. Try them out, see for yourself.

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Guide: Crystal Beasts
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