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 How to play Genex

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PostSubject: How to play Genex   Sun Jul 14, 2013 9:35 pm

This is for a student that was wondering Smile

Well to start off, most Genex monsters are level three with a few having more than 1500 attack. Also, "Genex Controller" is a helpful card to have to make the archetype a bit more flexible so I recommend trying it. Also in case you need it I suggest Zenmaines just for protection.

Genex synchro monsters tend to have just about any attribute except Light and Divine. This archtype is supported usually by R-Genex and Genex Ally which are sub-archetypes.

Just like the "Synchron" archetype Genex is really for getting quick Synchro Summons to maintain field presence. "R- Genex Accelerator" works well with cards such as "Genex Power Planner", "Blastfan" and "Undine".

The way the archetype summons Synchros with a Genex monster and a non-tuner monster(s) of their attribute. To get the "Genex Controller" onto the field, you can use the effect of "R-Genex Accelerator", or "Genex Searcher" can be destroyed by battle to Special Summon a "Genex" monster of 1500 or less ATK from the Deck. "Genex Worker" Tributes itself to Special Summon a "Genex" monster from your hand, which is useful with "Blastfan" and for getting around the ATK restriction of "Searcher".

"Genex Recycled", a Level 1 Tuner, can also be used as a substitute for "Genex Controller" if one is in the Graveyard. However, since the two-Level gap can only be filled by monsters of a certain Attribute, it's usually better to search for "G.C".

"Genex Ally" Synchros are a bit easier to summon since to of them don't require a certain attribute. In return, they do not gain their effects unless their Synchro Material is of an inconvenient Attribute (smaller "Genex Ally" monsters can assist in changing the Attributes of the materials).

Don't forget other Synchros can be used also!

In terms of field control, "Genex Turbine" helps by raising all "Genex" monster's attack by 400 which is helpful in terms on things not getting sent to the graveyard. "Genex Solar" can be Summoned with 1 "Genex" Tribute and inflicts burn damage when any "Genex" monster goes from the field to the Graveyard. Although "Genex Solar" doesn't have a great attack so it would be best to avoid him.

"Geo Genex" can make its own ATK 2800 while another "Genex" monster is on the field.

"Thermal Genex" boosts its own ATK by 200 for each FIRE monster in your Graveyard and inflicts Burn damage when it destroys a monster. This is helpful if you plan on combining "Flamvell" monsters into your deck!

"Vindikite R-Genex" cannot be attacked and recruits a fellow "Genex" from the Deck when it sends a monster to the grave.
"Genex Ally Axel" provides a stream of "Limiter Removals" and makes Synchro Summoning really easy. I recommend him!

"Locomotion R-Genex" permanently steals the opponent's highest-Level monster when Synchro Summoned (no small feat at Level 9), but has lower ATK than "Axel" and is less useful over the long term. This card is great if your in a tough spot Smile

Cards I Recommend:

Monsters: Genex Solar, Genex Turbine, Genex Neutron, Genex Controller, R-Genex Accelerator

Spells: Limiter Removal, Machine Assembly Line, Mind control (easier synchro summons)

Traps: Trap Stun possibly

Above is a duel where I used Genex Smile
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PostSubject: Re: How to play Genex   Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:28 pm

thanks man
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How to play Genex
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